Marijuana or Cannabis was always considered as a restricted drug, use, and sell off which was not considered as legal in the country. However, the scenario is changing now due to the various health benefits of Marijuana for diseases like cancer. Now many people are starting to realize the healing properties of this drug and therefore in small ways, the process of legalizing the use of this drug for medical reasons have started in different parts of the country. In the state of Washington, a simple Google search for “weed dispensary near me” will deliver dozens of legal clinics within your immediate area to legally purchase marijuana. Even though the country as one entity has yet to change the laws regarding this drug, many states are taking initiatives to legalize the use of Marijuana.

Medical benefits of marijuana

  • The most important benefit of Marijuana is for the people suffering from cancer because this drug prevents the fast spreading of the cancer cells and eventually stops the complete process.
  • It also helps the patients who are taking chemotherapy treatment as Marijuana can reduce the various side effects of the chemotherapy such as nausea, loss of appetite etc.
  • Some studies have shown that marijuana can be used for thetreatment of Glaucoma.
  • For people suffering from Parkinson’s diseases, Marijuana can be used for reducing the tremors and it can also improve the sleep quality for such patients.
  • Marijuana is also said to have a positive impact on treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Marijuana can also be used in thetreatment of arthritis as the inflammation in the joints and the resulting pain can be reduced.


Too Much Pot

Duse to these positive effects of marijuana in the medical field the state governments of different states has thought of opening the marijuana dispensaries that can help the patients get the prescribed dose of this drug legally. These dispensaries have gardens where the marijuana is produced and the access points where it can be distributed to the patients as per prescriptions. The patients need to show their identification and the paperwork which proves that the medical marijuana is prescribed to them. Once the paperwork is filled, the patients can get the medical marijuana for their treatment.

Impact of the legalizing on the medical marijuana industry

As the states are thinking about legalizing the use of medical marijuana, the medical marijuana industry is also thriving. Not only the industry is creating job opportunities across the states but it is also offering an avenue where t people can work in many different sectors as per their qualifications.The growth of the medical marijuana industry has also resulted in twofold benefits for the government. The rapidly developing and growing industry means better revenues for the government and at the same time, the government’s expenditure which was used for the prohibition of marijuana is also reduced. It means that the government’s expenditure is reduced and income is increased due to the medical marijuana industry. Legalizing the medical marijuana has also resulted in an important positive impact and that is the fact that the drug trafficking organizations will not have the same power.